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General Manager

Where character and values come first.

We believe and invest in a company culture that is fully committed to our mission, vision and values and therefore hire based on one’s character and values first.

Being a key leadership position, we are looking for someone who shares our values, has financial and planning strengths and is uniquely gifted and experienced in growing people & culture.

A detailed job description and information package is available upon inquiry and/or application.


Ethics and Integrity

  • Walks the talk by living out our values

Relationships / Communication

  • Communicates in an engaging and clear manner
  • Has outstanding relational and communication skills
  • Fosters and grows a positive culture of highly engaged and valued staff
  • Puts people first

Financial & Planning

  • Accurately prepare budgets and financial analysis
  • Is skilled in identifying and implementing course-correction
  • Strategic thinker and planner

Experienced Track Record

  • Proven track record for delivering results, growing a business and growing people
  • Minimum of 10 years management experience
  • Landscaping industry experience preferred but not necessary


  1. Prepare a brief written description of how you see yourself aligned with our company values.
  2. Submit this with a detailed resume (include references) providing us with past vocational (career) and personal (community/service) experience

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