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Darren Bosch

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Landscape Sales & Client Services Manager

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Darren Bosch

As Design and Client Services Manager, Darren Bosch is an experienced designer who manages the design process, providing vision and delivering on clients' expectations.

Educated and experienced in various design disciplines, Darren is well versed in a rich tapestry of styles and foundations, bringing a refreshing eye to the table. He is always looking for innovative, yet simple solutions for clients.

Given an uncanny balance of right and left-brain, he is able to keep his sights on the macro and micro simultaneously. Because he is not necessarily the actual head designer on the project, the customer can rest assured that the design process is client-centered and the big picture remains in tact.

Darren's core strengths are his love for relationships, design and architecture, challenging the status quo and sweating the details. For him, life is to be lived curiously, deliberately and artfully.

Client Testimonial

When our need for the assistance of a landscape design team arose, we chose to invite the expertise of The Landmark Group. With their reputation for outstanding quality, uncompromising service and premier design, we both felt there really was no other choice. From our first interaction with Darren and every encounter thereafter, we have been met with professionalism, enthusiasm, and a "nothing is too much to ask" approach. To date, we have never been so uniformly impressed by a company as a whole.
Darren was professional, articulate, insightful, thoughtful and creative. His immediate attention to every detail of our ideas was very refreshing. The designs presented met every expectation and then abundantly exceeded them. We had no hesitation knowing that Darren would oversee the project and ensure that every detail was completed to our very demanding satisfaction and exceedingly high standards. Darren is a man of vision and integrity that is a rare commodity in today's marketplace. What a unique and rare treasure.

Dr. Steven & Karen McDonald