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Matt Van Andel

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Landscape Construction Project Manager

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Matt Van Andel

Since graduating from education in Business and Marketing, Matt has been working in the Landscaping industry since 2003, including being a business owner for a Design-Build-Maintain firm for seven years.

Matt's expertise lies is construction & maintenance management, with a nack and commitment to client communication and fulfilling on promise. He is known for doing whatever it takes to keep clients informed, keep their projects on schedule and on budget and for his dedicated and timely service.

Matt brings passion and credible experience to your project with a constant goal in mind: to fulfill on the design vision and clients' expectations by managing the project effectively and efficiently. The construction experience is where we constantly get our most accolades from clients. Professionalism, response time, cleanliness, maintaining time-lines and quality control are where Matt and our crews shine.

And another guy with European roots in landscaping is always an added asset to our team and clients. It's just in the blood.

Client Testimonial

Matt, it has been a real pleasure working with you and your team. You've been so professional and reliable. Your regular communication during the project was ideal. It's just been a great experience working with Landmark.

Christmas Decor customer