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Outdoor decor ideas for the holiday season

A few things to keep in mind when decorating your landscape this winter...
house at night with Christmas ligths

What will your decor look like after the first snowfall? A sprinkle of snow settled on the evergreens in your planters, or a winter wonderland with sparkling silvers, golds and snow all around?

These picturesque scenes inspire my designs! As the decor specialist for The Landmark Group, I'm always thinking of new and exciting ways to add colour and interest to your seasonal planters.

I'm often asked what kind of greenery I use in the displays we create for our clients, along with other elements that we use to really make our designs pop. We've come up with a few ideas to consider when planning your holiday decor…

house with Christmas lights

First, ask yourself this question…

Are you planning a winter theme or holiday theme?

The theme you choose will dictate the type of materials you use and influence your colour palette.

Winter themes tend to rely on natural materials like evergreen boughs (pine, cedar, juniper and spruce), pinecones, eucalyptus leaves, birch twigs, curly willow and cranberries. You can also use burlap bows and wicker balls to add interest and whimsy.

Winter-themed decor favours earth tones, but white and silver are often used to complement newly fallen snow.

Holiday-themed decor also uses evergreen boughs and other natural elements to form the base. Still, it tends to be more colourful — think festive red bows, gold and silver balls and an assortment of ornaments.

planter with Christmas bulbs

How do I use these elements in my decor?

Winter planters — Going along with the winter look, I use a variety of evergreens in big urns that look stunning after the first snowfall.

  • Starting with height, I love the look of tall birch sticks or curly willow.

  • Evergreens like pine, cedar, juniper and spruce make excellent fillers and spillers. I also like to add pinecones as filler to break up the look between evergreens that stand tall and the ones that can spill over the sides of the planter.

  • When clients want to add colour to a natural theme, I'll include eucalyptus and cranberries in planters and wreaths.

Holiday planters — While very similar to winter planters, holiday planters add artificial elements to incorporate the theme.

  • Adding tall elements, like white sticks wrapped in red ribbon, creates festive flare.

  • Fillers can include ornaments, wicker balls and bows which add traditional holiday colours like red, white, silver or gold.

entrance way with Christmas garland

Make it pop with Christmas lights!

Whichever route you take with your winter decor, I recommend adding lights to your decor elements.

String lights make garland pop, especially when wrapped around front pillars or across entryways. Make your planters shine bright with mini lights wrapped throughout the evergreens or around the planter itself.

Want to add light but still have a minimalist style? Add wicker balls that have lights in them to your planters. They’ll add medium height and depth to your evergreen planters.

We can help…

Want your decor to look amazing but don't have the time to spend decorating? That's where we come in!

Our decor services are tailored to our clients’ tastes and preferences. With so many options for colours, materials, size and scale… let us work with you to give you the best winter/holiday decor this season! Schedule a consultation today.