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Patios & Walkways

Anchor your landscape with stone and brick.

Where the indoors meets the outdoors.

Creating multiple levels and destinations is key to bringing a landscape design to life — and the patio is often both the hub and area of transition. It’s an active space where inside meets outside.

Navigate your great outdoors.

Smooth stone and brick walkways help everyone move around your landscape with ease — and make it a beautiful journey at the same time. They also can split your outdoor space into sections so that it feels more complete.

Choose from a range of luxury materials.

Whether natural stone or exceptionally durable bricks and pavers, you’ll have a wide range of exquisite materials at your disposal. Attain a natural, rustic look or pursue a more contemporary, modern flair with straight lines — it’s all possible with the master masons at Landmark Group.

With Landmark Group, get access to…
  • Custom carpentry, brickwork & masonry
  • Rare natural stone patios, steps & pillars
  • Square-cut & random flagstone veneers, tiles & walls
  • Armour stone steps & retaining walls
  • Geothermal heating

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