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Garden Design & Plantings

Revel in nature’s beauty.

Designing gardens like an artist paints.

At the centre of every professional garden design is many pieces of a canvas. These pieces all work together in harmony to complete the whole picture. Whether it’s lush and rustic or manicured and formal is up to you — but we’ll be sure to design it to your taste.

Clear the clutter in your mind.

Sit in the silence of nature, listening to the birds as they sing, the bees as they buzz and the wind as it rustles softly through the tree leaves. A garden adds stunning appeal to a space but also the tremendous feeling of calm that only nature can bring.

Watch your garden mature with grace.

Depending on your garden size and style, caring for it can be a significant task that you may want to leave to the professionals. Landmark Group’s horticultural experts can’t wait to look after your garden so it grows gracefully over the years — all you need to do is register for a property care services.

With Landmark Group, design a garden with…
  • Native & ornamental plants
  • Mulching & fertilization
  • Extensive horticultural knowledge
  • Soil amendment & cultivation
  • Trees & shrubs
  • Seasonal annual plantings through our property care services

Request a consultation today.

To set up your initial consultation, call (519) 599-2957, email [email protected] or fill out the form below.