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Think outside

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Vision before precision.

Your gardens are a reflection of you. Your values, your background, your interests, your home and retreat – these are the key elements we dig into before we start any design. Your design is well planned when we get into your pores and absorb your input, lifestyle, architecture, style, needs and surroundings. Then we help steer vision and budgets so we can prepare a Design Brief that sets a framework before art is put to canvas.

Our landscape design process is a relationship-building medium that relies on the formation of trust. We understand the nuances of creating real spaces and engaging you, the one who uses them - to reflect your story.

From start to art.

Landmark projects look different because of ingenuity, but also because of our design methodology. In our initial “Blue-Sky” phase, we round-table ideas and artistically hand-sketch a vision with an underlay of tangible metrics and a thorough site inventory.

We are passionate about concept development and don’t let some computer program dictate or present your initial ideas. It’s a winning proposition. After all, this is about creating artful and inspiring landscapes.

Design Gallery

From art to cart.

Our design process includes collaborative meetings with you and our Design Manager, Landscape Architect and Construction experts. We like to work with your Architect and Builder to share ideas and forecast any adjustments inclœuding site design, grading & drainage, tree management, foundation lines and materials.

From perspective sketches through to our custom 3D renderings we help get you “into your landscape” in order to fully envision the design. When developing a Master plan, we go beyond. We also counsel in areas like materials, furniture, urns, garden enhancement and landscape lighting. Following any feedback from our construction team and horticulturists, we craft a precise set of Construction drawings followed by a tailored Planting Plan in order to prepare a detailed cost Estimate.



It’s a craft. Not a job.

The Landmark Group has passion for natural beauty and engineering with character. That passion finds expression in thoughtful outdoor spaces that reflect your values and ideas.

But passion and beauty can be eclipsed by cut corners, shoddy workmanship, delayed schedules and cost overruns. To eliminate uncertainty and risk, we proudly back our service with a 3-year, no questions asked, FULL warranty. Do you know of another industry promise like that?

Craft = Expertise + Experience + Passion

With over 25 years of pursuing excellence, our landscape construction teams take design vision through to rigorous construction detailing very seriously. From seasoned foremen to lead-hands, we are passionate about creating inspiring landscapes built to last. Underpinned by sound foundations, our experts build your project to committed standards with efficiency, safety and laborious detail. You can say we like to sweat the small stuff!

  • Details that separate the craftsman from the contractor.
  • We plan to do it right - the first time
  • We do what we say we’ll do. It’s part of our DNA
  • We guarantee no cost overruns
  • We do precise installations with clear communication
  • We consistently use premium materials
  • We are steered by over two decades of experience

Fluid communication

We listen and respond with clear communication. From design, construction, right through to maintenance, the seamless communication between our in-house team is largely part of your project success and satisfaction.

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A vision that matures.

As gardens mature, certain maintenance strategies must be applied to preserve and sustain its graceful maturation, ensuring optimal long-term returns on your investment. With internal communication and an understood vision, our maintenance team fulfills on the intended design. With this in mind, we evaluate and service properties and design programs that allow your landscape to appreciate its full value and potential.

Whether it’s putting the final touches on the bed edge, monitoring your plant health or ensuring your hot tub lid was secured, we’ll make sure your property is truly cared for – and always left looking meticulous.

Letting our certified professionals handle the ongoing care and maintenance of your property leaves you time for more important things…like reading that book this weekend or enjoying the vista from the 18th hole.

Tailored Packages include:

Landscape Maintenance

  • Weekly turf cutting
  • Weekly/bi-weekly garden maintenance
  • Lawn, garden & tree-well edging
  • Mulching & cultivating
  • Tree & shrub maintenance
  • Weed management
  • Spring & fall cleanups
  • Organic horticultural approaches
  • Integrated pest management
  • Plant care programs
  • Naturalized plant division & transplanting

Enhancement & Decorating

Maintenance Gallery