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Christmas Lights 101

How to light up your house for the holidays.

The holidays are approaching, which means many of us are thinking about how we’ll light up our landscapes. Professionally designed landscape holiday lighting can transform your property into a winter wonderland!

You might not have to break out the ladder and box of tangled lights this year... Here’s where we start when we design Christmas lighting for our clients, broken down by the three main parts of your property. Use these tips if you're a DIYer… or ask our team for help.

Christmas lights on tree

Light up your space

Christmas lighting is an essential part of holiday decorating. Almost every Christmas movie has a scene involving how the family house will be lit up for the holidays or a competition with neighbours for the best holiday light display.

Many of us have seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, where Mr. Griswold is dead-set on having the most beautifully lit house in the neighbourhood. Covered in bright warm lights from top to bottom — the house stood out in their neighbourhood and has since become the epitome of Christmas decorations.

House lighting — Accentuate your entryway by adding lights to roof lines and columns.

We like the look of adding lights to each peak of a roofline, wrapped around pillars or columns and the trim of your garage door. We think a warm light looks best; warm whites stand out the brightest against the night sky and evergreen trees.

Tree lighting — light up the trees on your property to create a winter wonderland!

If you add lights to evergreens like pine and spruce, use white lights and wrap them around the pines for a nice, bright saturated look. You can also do this with shrubs and garland!

If your property has a lot of deciduous trees, we suggest doing a branch wrap style where you would wrap the entire tree from the trunk to the tip of the branches in lights.

Christmas lights on house and trees

Get inspired with many lighting options

Add more lights to winter decor — include them in planters and shrubs

  • String mini lights through your garlands or add lighting to your planters by weaving them through the foliage or wrapping them around the planters themselves.

Add colourful lights — At The Landmark Group, we like the look of warm white lights. We think it stands out best. But that doesn't mean it's the only option!

  • You can use multi-coloured lights with lots of red and green, either with large bulbs or mini bulbs.

  • Mix and match. Use warm white lights for more prominent areas, like your house and trees around your property, and mini multi-coloured lights for planters. There are endless possibilities!

With all this lighting comes all the set up and take down… getting out the ladder, hoping it can reach the highest branches. Checking your lights for unlit bulbs, and running all the long extension cords… then turning them on and off every day. If you prefer not to do it yourself, we have a solution for you!

Ready to create your winter wonderland?

Putting up your holiday light displays can be time-consuming, as well as dangerous (especially when trying to string lights on tall trees or rooflines!) If you don't want to risk falling off a ladder or damaging your roof, we're here to help.

At The Landmark Group, we offer our property care clients lighting and decor services. Your custom lighting display will be set up by our thoroughly trained and licensed staff. Our process includes using an aerial boom, a safe and less damaging way to install your display. Your lighting displays will be set up on timers and installed in late fall, just in time for the holidays! We'll take care of the removal too — and all electrical work comes with a three-year warranty.

If you're a current client and are interested in our lighting display services, schedule a consultation, then sit back and enjoy your beautiful winter decor!

Written by: John