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How the Landmark Group Attracts and Retains Top Talent

Three benefits of positive company culture and how they impact you
The Landmark Group Staff

“Company culture” is a phrase that is commonly used in the modern workplace to attract employees — but what is it? Here at the Landmark Group, we’ve always worked with a great bunch of people and had a lot of fun doing it, but it was organic and not something we formally defined.

Over time we’ve realized just how important it is to actively cultivate positive company culture, so we’ve dug deeper into our mission, vision and values and spent time honing into these statements with our team. And it has paid dividends.

Now company culture is more important than ever.

In what’s being called the “Great Resignation,” people have been leaving their jobs in droves to seek greener pastures elsewhere. This is especially true in the service industry — that’s why here at the Landmark Group, we make creating positive culture a priority.

Here are the top three benefits of positive company culture and how it impacts customer satisfaction:

1. Attract the right people.

By “right people” we don’t necessarily mean the most skilled (although skills certainly help). When assessing new hires we consider their character and values first to determine if they align with our mission and values. Skills can be taught but it’s difficult to change behaviour and attitude.

What we’re looking for is our “tribe.” Hard-working people who want to create inspiring landscapes that enrich the lives of others — giving them a reason to spend more time outdoors with their family and friends.

When a company’s mission and values are shared by everyone in the workplace, people are happier, more productive and work to higher standards.

2. Become a “destination” company. 

Attracting the right people isn’t enough — they need to have a reason to stay.

A few generations ago, a good job was one that let you put food on the table and pay your bills and you likely stayed at that company for life. Now we’ve moved up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and we’re looking for something more — belonging, a sense of accomplishment and being able to achieve one’s full potential.

At the Landmark Group, we offer more than a job — it’s a place where our employees can build new skills, grow personally and professionally and be part of a tight-knit team.

This kind of environment produces engaged employees who see their job as a career — so they provide exceptional customer service and produce top-quality work.

In this day and age, word spreads quickly. When your company has a positive culture you build a reputation as a destination company where people want to work — and where people want to stay.

3. Provide a high level of service.

When you hire passionate team players looking to grow and provide a work environment where people and integrity are highly valued everyone benefits.

  • The company retains top talent and is able to grow.

  • The employee has a rewarding and stable career where they feel valued and appreciated.

  • The client receives above-average service because employees are willing to go the extra mile to support the team and the company.

I think we can all agree that positive culture results in a win-win-win scenario — but how do you create such a culture?

Landmark employees training.

How to create a positive company culture

Before you can establish a positive culture, you need to have a clearly defined mission and vision — otherwise, you have no idea if a prospective employee shares your values and would be a good fit.

As an example, our mission at Landmark is to “create inspiring, enduring landscapes with virtue and good character” and our vision is to “see delighted homeowners enriched and revitalized by their outdoor environments”.

When our team members complete a job, the real pay-off for them is seeing how delighted the clients are with their work. Being able to add value to someone’s life is truly rewarding — and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Besides offering satisfying and rewarding work, positive culture is built through fostering relationships — both at work and after hours.

At Landmark, our employees enjoy summer barbecues and other fun events — and each Christmas there is an epic party held onsite. These activities give everyone an opportunity to get to know one another on a personal level and develop a strong sense of camaraderie.

Landmark employees team building.

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Written by: Curtis Hutten